Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Traveling back in time with Fellow Readers...

Since the debut of The WED Page, back in July, I have been lucky enough to receive many incredible photos from readers of the blog.

I have decided to make my job a little easier this week, taking a break from writing and sharing some of these fantastic photos with you all. (With permission of those who submitted the photos, of course.)

Some of these pics show lost characters, unseen in the parks for years, others were submitted to coincide with a past article. The fact of the matter is, no matter what the photo is actually of, they represent wonderful, fun filled memories of the place we all love, Walt Disney World.
The very first photo that we ever received here at The WED Page came to us from Missy Bowser Sexton of Alaska, in response to the article on Fort Wilderness Campground...and she wrote:


Thank you for inviting me to be a fan of The WED Page.

After I visited your blog, I was inspired to dig out some old photos and scan them into the computer. Well, I have uploaded one so far :), my progress with the kiddos around is somewhat slow at times, but hey, I'm moving forward!!!

I uploaded a photo of myself as a toddler in the petting zoo at Fort Wilderness. I grew up near Downtown Orlando and my parents would take us camping at Fort Wilderness at least annually.
Staying there was always a momentous occassion!

When I was a bit older, my parents would bring the bikes along and my older brother and I would spent the whole day biking around Fort Wilderness..and of course, swimming!!!

Thanks for inspiring me to bring back the memories!!


Missy in Alaska

Another reader, Cathy Lord from Ohio, was nice enough to send in a few pics from a trip she took to Walt Disney World back in 1973. (You gotta love the big , fuzzy headed Mickey!!!)

Finally, Christine Jahn from Nevada, was nice enough to send us some amazing photos from back in 1979.

Now I am sure that you all, being the well versed Disney Geeks that you are, will notice that these photos were actually taken in Disneyland.

After thinking long and hard about it, I decided to forgive Christine and post these photos anyhow.

These pics have a little bit of everything I love about "digging through the crates" and pulling out those vintage pics...old parades photos, Long Lost Characters, fantastic, out of style couture on the guests...and so much more!!!

Christine wrote:

Hi Tony,

These are my personal pictures circa 1979. Feel free to use them.

Your Disney friend,

Christine Jahn

I cannot thank Missy, Cathy and Christine enough for sharing these terrific photos with all of us.

I also want to let those of you have sent in photos but did not see them here know, fear not, there are more to come over the next few weeks.

I hope these pics will help to motivate others to dig deep and see what they find in their own box of memories!!!

With the 38 year of memories from Walt Disney World Magic behind us (more if I continue to allow all of you Disneyland Fans to voice an opinion) I am sure that there are vast, untapped caches of memories to be discovered, if only we take the time to look!!!



  1. Tony,

    Just a quick note on this post (I realize I am a couple months late).

    The photos you posted, compliments of Christine, as you noted- were from Disneyland-- but being a true Disney Geek myself--and a former Disneyland Cast member--let me share with you another minor correction to those photos.

    The first 2 photos (Col Hathi and Brer Rabbit) may very well be from a 1979 visit to Disneyland, but the rest of the photos were from the very parade in which I was hired as a Cast Member: 1983's Flights of Fantasy Parade. This parade celebrated the opening of the New Fantasyland with floats and charcters as inflatable balloons (were feasable). Because this parade preempted MSEP, it was considered uncuccessful, but I believe it was the most creative parade Disney created between MSEP and the Eisner era.

    The reason I am writing, is simple. Because this parade was not a success, noone ever posts photos of it. You and Christine has shared something that I have been seeking (searching, googling, etc.) for a decade with little success and I wanted to share with you the hidden importance of these photos.

    Please identify and tag these photos as the 1983 Flights of Fantasy Parade images they are; I am sure there are many other Disney Geeks interested in these rare photos... and even better, are there any more to share? (perhaps of the Toy Soldiers/Babes in Toyland unit?)

    Thanks again for making my day!

    (Toy Soldier #3)