Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another "Out of Disney" Experience...

While the usual "bill of fare" here on The WED Page falls under the heading of vintage, I always enjoy exploring new and exciting offerings on anything Disney.

Today's article is about an event I was lucky enough to take part in this past weekend, Disney's Doorway to the World Event.

Held at t he Garden City Hotel on Long Island New York, this event was presented by Disney's Vacation Club. It was sort of an introduction to the new "Disney's Doorway to Dreams" store, which is soon to open at the Roosevelt Field Mall, also located in Garden City. The event was held over a three day period this past weekend.

I received the invitaion several weeks ago and immediately went to the website to learn more and hopefully sign up, only to find that nearly every spot had already been filled. We did manage to secure a few slots for our group, and I am certainly glad we did!

The event started with a presentation by a couple of DVC agents, and while it initially looked as though it was going to become a sales pitch, it quickly turned into so much more than that.

While it was a bit "sales pitchy" in a few segments, they did an amazing presentation of the DVC's newest offerings at Bay Lake Tower and The Animal Kingdom Lodge's Kidani Village.

While I, and I believe most of the audience, seemed to be well versed in these locations, they continued on to show projects that are currently either, in the works, or in the planning stages, both for DVC as well as the Disney Company in general.

Highlights included, the upcoming addition to Disney's California Adventure, CARS LAND.

Now, I have seen some artist concept drawings for this addition, but in this presentation they elaborated on what we already knew and we got a look at a sneak peek of just what was going to be offered there in DCA starting in 2012... and I for one, can hardly wait to get out there to experience it all first hand!!!

They also showed DVC's Hawaiian Resort Project, which is under construction on the island of Oahu at the Ko Olina Resort...this one also very high on my families list of FUTURE MUST DO's.

After the presentation portion of the event (at which we also scored some very nice DVC swag, might I add) we were led down to the lower level of the hotel where we found a "Night club" style set up, complete with DJ. We were then treated to an wonderful dessert buffet and finally some special guests... Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Pluto were all in attendance.

All of the kids (and kids at heart) were out on the dance floor, cutting a rug with Pluto and Goofy. Over to the side of the DJ booth was a meet and greet where you could take photo's and have some quality time with The Big Cheese himself and his lady love.

Everyone in our group had a blast!!!

While, I think, the presentation had alot of information that "dyed in the wool" Disneyphiles were already familiar with, they did a great job of sneaking in plenty of surprises and never before seen photos to get the blood pumping. Most importantly, it was great to be able to get a quick "Disney Fix" between trips to The World.

I know that this is only the third Disney's Doorway to Dreams Store to be opened, with one in Chicago and one coming to the Greater Boston Area, but if and when a new one shows up in your neck of the woods, I highly recommend that you seize the day, and be sure to get your tickets word gets out, they will fill up quick!!!

And be sure to bring your never know who might turn up at these events!!!
Until next week.....