Sunday, June 28, 2009

The WED Page...your invitation to the past!!!

With all of the blogs and websites out there talking about Walt Disney World: past, present and future, some may ask "Why start another?" I have been asking myself that very question for several months now. The only answer I could muster up was, why not?

I have been posting "messages" on Facebook to my friends, mostly in an attempt to share some of the photos and memories of my "relationship" with Walt Disney World. A relationship that may go back farther than that of some others and certainly involves as greater "percentage" of my own life than that of many. I was born in 1971, just 5 short weeks before the opening of WDW, with my first trip just a few months there after. I have since been back every year, as many as 6 times a year, for almost 38 years now. Looking at that number written down is a bit scary, to be honest with you, I am not really sure how that happened, time certainly does fly on by!!! But on the "Upside", all of those years of running around "The World" offer me a rare opportunity to bring the rich history of the parks and resorts to all of you. Some of whom may have fell in love with it all just a few short years ago, as well as those of you, who like myself, have been going down for decades...and decades...and decades!

The purpose behind this particular blog is to open up lines of communication between my friends, some "Disney Geeks" (you guys know who you are!!) and some not. Even those who are not as hard core about WDW as some of us are, may have been to The World on vacation, once, twice, perhaps a dozen or more times in their lives, and almost everyone, whether addicted to the "Magic" or not, will have some story of how it touched their lives, some memory that will last a lifetime and that will always be able to bring them back to a time of childhood innocence, when having FUN was really what life was all about.

While I will be exploring, rather in depth at times, the history and lost treasures of everyones' favorite parks, resorts and attractions...I also look forward to the new discoveries, stories and more from all around Walt Disney World and it's online community.

Moving forward with this page, I hope that those who find themselves here...flipping through the stories and photos, do more than just take a peek and then fade of into the sunset.

Please be part of the fun, please feel free to share your photos, stories and memories!!!

Send me an email or even better yet, come by and friend me on Facebook...and become part of this incredible Online Community of Walt Disney World "Geeks."

I have only been part of it all for a very short time, a few months really, but in that time I have made some fantastic friends, heard some incredible stories and shared alot of myself with those I have met and you could certainly do the same as well!!!

So, once again, WELCOME to The WED Page...