Friday, December 25, 2009

Into the New Year with The WED Page...

A few months ago I started this blog at the recommendation of a few friends.
I had been posting a bunch of old, "vintage" photos for Disney World trips along with a few stories from vacations of long ago as "Notes" on Facebook. Some friends suggested that, since I had so many old photos and stories to share, that I should start a blog and write a little something each week.
While it has been a mere 6 months since the page started, I have been having a great time and have met so many new friends here online. In that time I have also written for a few of my friends blogs and webpages as well.
About 3 months ago, while down in Walt Disney World, I met up with a good friend, whom many of you already know, Ryan Wilson.

Ryan writes The Main Street Gazette. He is one of the most prolific writers I have ever met. He post an article on The Gazette every single day...he also writes on other blogs occasionally and is often a guest on several podcasts. Along with his daily Gazette Articles, he also works on a number of other projects...needless to say, he is very busy creating new, fun stories for all of us Disney Geeks to dig into each week.

Ryan was telling me about his hectic schedule, as well as his hopes and plans for The Main Street Gazette, moving into the new year. I was adding how I much I enjoyed my own writing and how I would love to do even more with my own page in the future.

During this conversation we discussed that it might be fun, and beneficial to both of us, to bring our projects together.

To make a long story short, after much discussion and planning, we are now trilled to announce that as of January we will be working together to bring The WED Page into the folds of The Main Street Gazette.
The Gazette will continue to bring a variety of fun and exciting Disney News and perspective to everyone. Ryan will continue to bring his wonderful stories to you all and I will continue to bring the vintage photos and fun of The WED Page content over to The Gazette each week, and I will be contributing additional articles each week as well.

Starting in January, here is what you can expect on a daily basis from the Main Street Gazette:

PERSPECTIVE (Mondays) – Personal reflection on a Disney topic. Thoughts on art, shopping, underexplored areas, changes, anything that sparks the imagination. This will also include the occasional roundtable discussion.

THE WED PAGE (Tuesdays) – The history of Walt Disney World. The stories, lighthearted and/or documented accounts, covering the past forty years of Walt Disney World.

DISNEY DELISH (Wednesdays) – Restaurant reviews, the design of dining establishments, home cooked Walt Disney World recipes, if it has to do with food and Disney, you’ll find it here.

PHOTO SAFARI (Thursdays) – A photo article detailing the highlights of a specific area or a mass quantity of photographs pertaining to a specific topic.

THE WDW RECORD (Fridays) – The detail resource the Main Street Gazette is going to be creating will take time to develop. This section will highlight a single entry once a week.

Ryan and I are both very excited to be working together, bringing new, fun content to each and everyone who craves their Disney "Fix" each week.

You can read more about our new project in Ryan's new article on The Main Street Gazette at the following link:

I thank Ryan for the opportunity to join his wonderful webpage and hope that everyone who has supported The WED Page over the past months will come on over to The Gazette and see how much more we have to offer moving ahead into 2010.

Also, if you are a member of The WED Page's Facebook Fan Page, I would love for you to stop by and join us at The Main Street Gazette's Fan Page at:

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a Wonderful and Exciting New Year!!!