Saturday, August 1, 2009

Looking to share OUR Walt Disney World memories...

I just wanted to start off by thanking everyone who is taking or has taken the time to read my scribblings here for the past month.

In my first post, I gave a brief description of what I hoped to do with The WED Page and what I thought I would share with everyone. To start off, the everyone I thought I would be sharing with has already grown to be more than I expected...The WED Page's Facebook Fan Page is already pushing 400 members, a number I never could have expected, especially in just 4 short weeks.

In addition to the Facebook Membership, I have also received SO MANY great emails and messages from friends who have been touched in someway by the stories I have written and/or the personal memories they have brought to life. Some of those who have written, have also sent along incredible photo's of themselves from WDW vacations of long ago...and THAT is what has got me thinking!!!

What I would REALLY love to do here on The WED Page is to make this experience even more personal, more of a sharing experience between myself and all of the readers.

In a few weeks I will start posting photos from the readers (with their permission of course). These photos may coincied with an article you have read here, or may just be a great WDW photo that you would like to share.

For example, I am going to start off with this photo:

While I realize that it is fairly non-descript...this is, far and away, THE Walt Disney World vacation picture for me.

It is just a photo of my younger brother, Frankie, and I sitting with our Mom, waiting for the parade to start on Main Street USA back in 1974. We are just sitting in front of The Main Street Bakery eating our ice cream.

The funny thing about this photo is, if you ask Frankie to name any single picture, from any of the many vacations we have spent at WDW...THIS is the one he remembers the most as well!!!

Maybe this isn't the kind of photo that you would expect me to post and go on doesn't have any great extinct rides in it, nor does it have shows or characters of days gone by...although, I will admit, that I think it is a blast to check out the fashions of the day when you go through your "vintage" vacation collections (like that guy standing behind us in the very swanky plaid trousers and sportscoat in a pattern whose description eludes me at the moment OR those amazing pants that my little brother is wearing!!!!)

But in the end...this is what The WED Page means to me...going back in time and finding the memories that matter most. Someone recently said that the best Walt Disney World memories are not thinking back on the time you got on Splash Mountain 11 times in a row without ever getting out of the log (yes, I did that back in 1993)...they are the quiet times, times spent in a far off corner of the World, times that were shared between just you and someone special to you....

That being said, I certainly hope that more of you will take part in this little experiment, PLEASE feel free to email me stories and photos of your memories at Walt Disney World.

They DO NOT need to be from 1971, but reach back and find something from your earlier experiences, one of the memories that got you HOOKED on Walt Disney World...

Attach your name and a brief description and Email them to me, friend me on Facebook (if you haven't already) or join The WED Page Fan Page on matter how you choose to get them to me...JUST DO IT...join in the promises to be a good time!!!

See you next week...