Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lake Buena Vista Village: Before there was a Lego Store...

Today we are going to take a quick trip back in time to visit one of my old favorites, Lake Buena Vista Village.
Who doesn't love to take a stroll past The LEGO Store in The Marketplace? The huge sculptures, created with the Duplo or Lego bricks are awesome.

But back, long before that store existed, there were often displays of Lego creations strewn about the village, here and there.

As you would walk around, they would be mixed into the gardens and grassy areas, on display.

Often, they would have a placard which stated the number of bricks used as well as the time it took to build each sculpture.

I have not had much luck researching these displays, but I do have quite a few photos from one particular showing that was held there back in the fall of 1980.

Please excuse the quality of these photographs. They were taken by yours truly, with my very own 128 camera, at the tender age of 9 years old....perhaps that will add, just a bit, to the charm of this long lost attraction.



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  1. OMG - WOW!!!! Excellent post. I totally remember this. I also recall that there a huge lego play area where one could build your own lego masterpiece. I might have a few polaroids of this area as well. I will check.